Water and Wastewater Projects

The Town’s water and sewer infrastructure ensures that residents of the Town and surrounding areas are provided with quality drinking water and sewer service.

Water system capital improvement projects serve multiple purposes including replacement of aging infrastructure and expansion of service areas. Replacement of aging infrastructure helps to minimize breaks and service disruptions as well as provide better service to customers by increasing service pressures or available fire flow. Sewer projects can address multiple issues such as aging infrastructure which leads to inflow and infiltration (I & I). Additionally, aging sewer lines are subject to failure which can lead to sewage blockages which cause back-ups or overflows. Maintaining the Town’s infrastructure maintains the highest level of service available to its residents.

Current Projects

  • Arrowhead Sewershed
  • Clearview Drive Water Pressure Improvements
  • College Street Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation & Replacement
  • Edgewood and Craig Mountain Pump Station Improvements

Completed Projects

  • 2017 - Cambria Water Tank Removal
  • 2017 - Fairview Street Sewer Work
  • 2017 – Water Meter Upgrades
  • 2016 – Effective Water Storage Improvement Project
  • 2015 – Sewer Rehabilitation Project
  • 2014 – Railroad Street Waterline Project
  • 2012 – Miller and Alleghany Water and Sewer Line Project