Huckleberry Trail Extension

The Huckleberry Trail Extension project lengthens the current trail in Christiansburg by approximately 1.74 miles.

Previously, the trail ended in Christiansburg at the rear of the New River Valley Mall.

In 2010, the trail was extended from its ending point at the New River Valley Mall to the north side of Route 114.

In 2012, a section of the trail was completed from the Christiansburg Recreation Center to Forelmont Street.

Huckleberry Home Depot

The trail was then extended in 2014 from the south side of Route 114 to connect to the trail extension at Forelmont Street, which ends at the Christiansburg Recreation Center.

In July 2015, VDOT finished construction of a bridge over Route 114 as part of the Route 114 widening project.

Huckleberry Bridge

Phase II-A extends the trail from Rte. 114 to Home Depot.

Phase II-B begins at Home Depot and extends the trail to Cambria Street.

Phase II-E runs along Cambria Street to connect to an existing portion of trail that leads to the Christiansburg Recreation Center.

Phase II-D is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in Fall 2016. This phase will extend the trail to the Food Lion shopping center. This phase will extend the trail just over half a mile.

Phase III is currently in the design process and would extend the trail further to Independence Boulevard.

Funding for Phases II-A, II-B, and II-E of this extension project was provided by the Town of Christiansburg, Renva W. Knowles estate, VDOT revenue sharing funds and VDOT transportation enhancement funds. The contract cost for this project is $930,343.

Huckleberry Trail Crossing