Automated Solid Waste Collection

The Town of Christiansburg provides garbage pick-up (fees apply) for residents of the Town. The Town will provide one 96-gallon cart and weekly pickup and disposal of garbage (up to 96-gallons). This amount will be billed along with water and sewer services.

Need to sign up for garbage collection? Please visit Town Hall, 100 East Main St. Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Please have your garbage out by 8 a.m. on your day of pickup. Garbage should not exceed the contents of one 96-gallon cart. Please note that any garbage placed outside of the garbage cart will not be picked up.

Hazardous household waste should not be set out for collection with regular household garbage.

View the Garbage Collection Map (PDF) for pickup schedules.

2018 Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule (PDF)

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What is Automated Solid Waste Collection?

Automated collection is a process that allows one operator to control a mechanical arm that will lift specially designed trash cans and dump the contents into the body of the garbage truck.

This method saves time, which allows Town crews to serve the community more efficiently.

The 96-gallon containers allow for less trash overflow. Container lids help prevent the wind and animals from scattering loose trash and reduce waste odor.

In addition, using this method eliminates the need for crew members to manually lift trash containers, reducing the chance of injury.

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