Market Vendors

2018 Vendors

Bird and Hopper Farm

Bird and Hopper Farm is a small, sustainable farm in Southwest Virginia, growing open-pollinated vegetables, raising sheep and goats, and offering unique workshops and events.

Brugh Coffee

Coffee is more than just a beverage, it's a connection to others around the world. It connects the soil it was grown to the farmers who nurtured it until harvest - The roaster who thoughtfully shaped it to the barista who skillfully prepared it - To you and those you connect to over a cup. Brugh Coffee understands the importance of the quality of these connections, which is why they strive toward sustainability and growth of the coffee community. They progress toward providing you with the perfect cup.

Cavalier Farm

Teresa and Bruce Caldwell of Cavalier Farms raise free-range chickens, cows and hogs on their Floyd County farm. They are particularly proud of their ‘conception to consumer’ beef production and their ‘ready-to-eat’ products made from their home-grown produce and livestock. Some of their crowd favorites include Sweet Italian and Hot Italian sausage, as well as breakfast links and ground sausage. Other offerings from the farm include eggs, baked goods, preserves and bedding plants. The Caldwells also sell seasonal apples, pears, cherries and blueberries picked from Wades Orchards in nearby Woolwine.

Den Hill Permaculture

Den Hill Permaculture (DHP) provided sustainably grown, traditional produce to New River Valley residents. Some of their crowd favorites include chemical free raspberries (which they use to make their famous BenJammin’s Jam), baby leaf salad greens, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, wildflower and raspberry honey, tommy toe tomato varieties, purple potatoes and bell peppers, unique and tasty beans, and more!

Flower Haven

Flower Haven is located in Christiansburg and specializes in fresh, locally-grown cut flower arrangements. Melissa LaRose is a native of the NRV who grew up in Riner. She grows or locally sources all the floral materials used in designs for individuals, businesses, events and farmers’ markets. Locally and sustainably grown flowers have a unique beauty and quality all their own! Pre-made bouquets are available at the market, or choose your own stems to create a personalized bunch. With more than 40 different varieties of flowers and sunflowers available throughout the season, each week brings fresh new creations!

Gracie's Garden

Providing conscientiously grown fruits and vegetables to the New River Valley.

Granny Bean's Confections

Offering hard candy, candied nuts and sugar-free options.

Grateful Bread

Grateful Bread is an artisan bakery specializing in organic craft breads, cinnamon rolls and many other treats. Grateful Bread often cooks hot sandwiches at the Christiansburg Farmers' Market. 

Honeywood Acres

Glenn Buss of Honeywood Acres started woodworking at an early age. Growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania, he recalls that he and his dad were always making something out of wood, from fences to pig troughs, and he has never lost an interest in making things with his hands. However, he did not begin to turn wood on the lathe until he retired from Virginia Tech in 2002. And now turning bowls, candleholders, plates, cups, rolling pins, toy tops, Christmas ornaments and the like occupies more of his time than anything else. Some of the wood he uses comes from trees on his land, but most of it comes from nearby properties that have dead, diseased or misplaced trees. While he probably has enough wood in his shed to last a lifetime, he finds it hard to refuse an offer of a tree whose wood he has not worked with before. In addition to being a woodworker, Glenn is also a beekeeper. He currently has seven hives and sells surplus honey and various beeswax products at the market.

Hook Line and Sinker

Hook Line and Sinker's goal is to provide the freshest seafood for the New River Valley!

Mountain View Hops

Mountain View Hops LLC currently grows 17 different hop varieties with an additional seven being tested for future inclusion. Their focus is providing quality hop plants to individuals in need of a few plants for home brewing or ornamental purposes, up to hop farms of one acre or less. During the spring and summer, they sell quality propagated hop plants. In the fall, they offer a spectrum of products such as hop pillows, hop teas, and vacuum packaged hop cones.

Plant 1 On U

Kellan and Karen Cochran have been farm dreaming since they met in 2013, and this is their first spring living in a house that they built on the property. They grow vegetables and fruit on their 4.2-acre farm near Check. Sustainable agriculture is a passion of theirs, and it's a long-term goal to create an edible food forest based on permaculture practices on their land. Fruit trees and aquaponics are special areas of interest as they grow in the future.

Swallowtail Tea

Created in 2016 as an answer to the demand from cafes and restaurants for a high-quality, affordable tea source, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster developed Swallowtail Tea. Nestled in the tiny hamlet of Floyd, Swallowtail has met that need by working with high-end tea importers and local herb farmers. Every batch of tea and herbs is cupped for quality and consistency before accepted. Their customers have learned that they hold their standards high, or they wouldn’t be in the business.

Stump Ridge Farm, LLC

Stump Ridge Farm is owned and operated by Rick and Angie Crandall of Pulaski. Their pork contains no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Weeping Willow Farm's Lost in Time Naturals

Weeping Willow is a small dairy goat farm located in the rolling hills of Indian Valley, where they raise registered Oberhasli and Alpine Dairy Goats, as well as seasonal produce and pasture-raised chickens for both egg and meat production. They craft their own goat milk skin care products using medicinal herbs that they grow and/or wildcraft on their farm, local beeswax and honey, and, of course, their own goat milk. They love to talk with the community about the endless possibilities of homesteading while educating the public about the first steps needed to become a homesteader. They have been farming for eight years, using primarily organic methods with all that they do.

Specialty vendors

Beliveau Winery

Beliveau Estate is located on 165 acres, just 12 miles from downtown Blacksburg. The on-site Bed and Breakfast and wedding venue opened in August 2007. The on-site winery opened in May 2012. Beliveau Estate wines have received numerous international and regional medals. We offer wine tastings every Wednesday-Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m. with special extended summer hours. We also offer wine by the glass and bottle and have a light kitchen menu featuring gourmet homemade pizzas. Come spend the afternoon drinking and taking in the views and discover what makes Beliveau Estate a hidden gem in your back yard! We are also very excited to be participating in the Christiansburg Farmers' Market on the second Thursday of each month. Visit us at the market for wine by the glass or bottle! Sip while you shop or take a bottle or two home.

Homestead Creamery 

Homestead Creamery, Inc. produces farm-fresh dairy from happy cows in Franklin County. Their full line of dairy products include milk, ice cream, butter and cheese, but ice cream is the main event at the Christiansburg Farmers' Market. 

Iron Heart Winery

Forged in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia, Iron Heart Winery is run by a father-son team. Built from the ground up, a farm with history in America’s Industrial Revolution circa 1882 is being transformed into a modern-day escape. The duo works to create a unique and sustainable business while providing a quality product, and experience, for the consumer. The pair works day and night to launch the fledgling business on the land where they were both born and raised (50 years apart).

Pycone Creamery

Inspired by the Shenandoah Valley’s rich pastures and hard working farmers, and the rich agriculture history of Virginia - including Cyrus McCormick and his invention “The Reaper” circa 1831 - along with a guiding future from Virginia Tech, Pycone Creamery is proud to offer what they believe is the best ice cream anyone can possibly make... and they love to prove it.

Veteran Canteen

J&C Veteran Canteen serves convenient snacks, beverages and homemade and local food! Veteran Canteen is a mobile business serving the New River Valley area.