Downtown Enhancement Project Phase IB – Sidewalk Replacement

In early 2016, contractors began Phase 1B of the Downtown Enhancement Project. The project replaced curb and gutter, streetlights, trees and sidewalks on both sides of South Franklin Street from Main Street to First Street, the southwest quadrant of Town Square, and along the south side of Main Street from South Franklin Street to the courthouse. Additionally, the traffic signals at the intersection of Main Street and Franklin Street and the intersection of Roanoke Street and Main Street were replaced as part of this project.

Previous phases of this project replaced sidewalks on Main Street from Town Square to Dunkley Street, as well as on the north side of Main Street from Town Square to Roanoke Street.

The final phase of planned construction will replace sidewalks along the east side of North Franklin Street from Main Street to Depot Street, including extending the sidewalk to Kroger. There will be traffic signal improvements and pedestrian accommodations implemented at North Franklin Street and Depot Street.

The Downtown Enhancement Project will have a big impact in promoting connectivity and walkability in the downtown area. Phase 1B is funded through VDOT’s Transportation Enhancement Alternatives program.