Other Planning Documents

Urban Development Areas Grant

The Town of Christiansburg was awarded at $65,000 Urban Development Area Technical Assistance Grant through the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment on June 1, 2015. Through this grant areas for targeted development were designated through a Comprehensive Plan Amendment.

Urban Development Areas (UDAs) are designated areas appropriate for targeted growth:

  • proximity to transportation facilities,
  • availability of water and sewer, or
  • proximity to a developed area.

The four UDAs adopted by Town Council on November 22, 2016 are:

  1. Cambria UDA
  2. Downtown UDA
  3. Institute UDA
  4. Mall UDA

To learn more about this grant and the amendment process please visit the Urban Development Areas Grant page.

Obesity Prevention Grant

The Town of Christiansburg applied for this Obesity Prevention Grant in coordination with the New River Valley Health District. The grant was intended to promote healthy activity and prevent obesity. Several areas of concern regarding bikeways and walkways where there are no crosswalks and no bike racks, leading to safety issues were identified. This grant expanded safe and accessible bicycle and pedestrian facilities within and connecting to town.

To address these needs, this project focuses on three work plans: (1) enhancing town infrastructure to support bicycling; (2) enhancing town infrastructure to support walking; and (3) participating in community partnerships to address obesity. Enhancing walking and biking infrastructure allows residents more access to safe walking and biking routes, thus increasing physical activity, which may ultimately decrease obesity and other chronic disease rates.

To learn more please visit the Obesity Prevention Grant site.

NRV Hazard Mitigation Plan

FEMA requires every locality to maintain a hazard mitigation plan that examines the risk and impact of natural disasters and provides strategies for reducing impacts to people and property. Every five years this plan must be updated to ensure continued access to FEMA’s grant funds for mitigation projects.

The plan will identify potential hazards and rate their relative impact on the region, evaluate risks to human life and property, and develop goals for reducing these risks – which will be supported by mitigation strategies and projects in every participating locality and at the regional level.

The steering committee is composed of representatives from participating localities as well as regional, state, and federal agencies who have expertise to offer in hazard mitigation. The study is developed by the New River Valley Regional Commission.

Please visit NRV Hazard Mitigation 2017 to view the plan and submit public comments.