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1. What hours will the aquatic center be open?
2. What are the fees to use the Aquatic Center?
3. Can I swim laps in the morning?
4. Will swim lessons be offered at the Aquatic Center?
5. How many laps is a mile?
6. Can I bring floats in to use at the Aquatic Center?
7. How many pools are at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center?
8. What are the temperatures of the pools?
9. Are there life jackets available?
10. Is there swim equipment I can use at the pool?
11. Who can use the Christiansburg Aquatic Center?
12. Does the Aquatic Center have volunteer opportunities?
13. Is the warm water therapy pool be open to the public?
14. How long are the pools?
15. Can I use the diving boards?
16. How do I become a member of the Aquatic Center?
17. How old do I have to be to be left at the Aquatic Center without a guardian?
18. I want to come in and just watch my family swim, do I have to pay to get in?
19. How do I register for a class or program?
20. What forms of payment do you accept?
21. What's the height of the diving boards?

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1. What are the guidelines to build a deck?
2. What Building Codes do you use?
3. What is the ground snow load?
4. What is the wind speed for your area?
5. What is the Town of Christiansburg footer depth?
6. How deep must a water line be buried?
7. Can a homeowner take out a building permit?
8. Can I build my own deck?

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1. What is the cost to connect to Town water?
2. What is the cost to connect to Town sewer?
3. My septic system is failing. Can I pump my septic tank?
4. I want to dispose of a large amount of items. Will the Town pick these items up?
5. Can I set items out for spring and fall pick up even though I do not pay for Town garbage collection service.
6. I want to fill my pool for the summer, but do not want to be charged for sewer fees that are levied based on water usage. What can I do?

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1. I recently applied for a position with the Town and have not received a call for interview. Why?
2. A recent job advertisement states that “applicant must meet driver insurability guidelines.” What does this mean?

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1. How do I become a member of the Christiansburg Recreation Center?
2. What forms of payment are accepted at the recreation center?
3. Can I register for a class or program over the telephone?
4. Are strollers allowed on the walking track?
5. What is your inclement weather policy?
6. How old do you have to be to use the fitness rooms?
7. Do you provide equipment for the use of the Racquetball Courts?

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1. Do I need a permit for a storage building?
2. I need a plat of my property, where can I find one?
3. Do I need a permit to build a fence?
4. Is there a surveyor on staff that can mark my property corners?
5. Can I display a sign without a permit?
6. Can I hold a yard sale?
7. Can I have chickens on my property?
8. The property next door me has been abandoned leaving behind junk/debris and high grass. How do I make a complaint?
9. What constitutes high grass within the Town of Christiansburg?
10. When I make a complaint regarding junk/debris and high grass, how is the process handled?
11. When I make a complaint, is my information kept confidential?
12. There is a vehicle in my neighborhood that does not have an updated tag or inspection sticker. How do I make a complaint?
13. Can I have a business in my home?

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1. How do I submit a request for service?
2. When is spring and fall clean up?
3. How do I report an after hours emergency?
4. How do I report a broken street light/lamp?

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1. Can I sign up for curbside recycling and not garbage collection?

2. Can I sign up for garbage collection and not curbside recycling?

3. How do I cancel my curbside recycling service?

4. If I cancel my garbage collection service, what will I do with my trash?

5. How will curbside recycling affect my utility bill?

6. How do I sign up for curbside recycling?

7. What will I do if I am physically challenged and unable to get my container to the street?

8. Will you be keeping the recycling drop sites in Town?

9. Is curbside recycling available for businesses?

10. When will my curbside recycling pickup be?

11. When will curbside recycling start?

12. When will I get my recycling cart?

13. What size cart will I receive?

14. I have two garbage carts but only want one recycling cart. What can I do?

15. Do I have to receive a recycling cart?
16. What if I want a different size cart?

17. Where should I place my cart out on my pickup day?

18. What time do I have to have my cart out on the curb on my recycling day?

19. Where should I store my cart?

20. What should I do if my cart is damaged or stolen?

21. Should I place a bag in my cart before filling it with recyclables?

22. Can I recycle...
23. Do I leave the lid on my containers or take them off before recyling?

24. Do I have to rinse containers?

25. Do I need to remove labels before recyling an item?
26. Can I recycle plastic?
27. Can I recycle glass?
28. Can I recycle metal?

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1. How does the monthly bus pass work?
2. Where can I buy a monthly bus pass?
3. Can I buy a bus pass online?
4. Can I buy a monthly pass on the bus?
5. Is a Christiansburg monthly pass accepted on Blacksburg Transit vehicles in Blacksburg?
6. Is a Blacksburg monthly pass accepted on Blacksburg Transit vehicles in Christiansburg?
7. Is the cost of the monthly pass half price if I purchase it on or after the middle of the month?
8. Are monthly passes “good” or accepted for a 30 day period after purchase or just for the calendar month listed? In other words if I buy an August monthly pass on Aug 22nd, is it “good” until Sept. 22?
9. I lost my bus pass. Can I have a replacement?
10. Does the bus pass work for Virginia Tech football game days in Blacksburg?

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1. When are taxes due?
2. I received a tax bill from Montgomery County and the Town of Christiansburg. Do I pay both?
3. The information on my tax statement is incorrect. What do I do?
4. I no longer live in the Town of Christiansburg, why am I getting a tax bill?
5. Will there be a late fee if my taxes aren't paid by December 5th?
6. What is the "Motor Vehicle Licensing Fee" charged on my tax statement?
7. I just moved to the Town of Christiansburg. What do I need to do for tax purposes?
8. We have our real estate tax escrowed through our mortgage company. Why are we being billed?
9. How much will my utility bill be?
10. How do I sign up for water/sewer/garbage service?
11. Can I pay my utility bill or taxes online?
12. What are your hours of operation?
13. My garbage was not picked up today. Why not?
14. Does the Town provide recycling services?
15. What happens if the due date for the utility bill is on a weekend or holiday?
16. I do not have any water. What could be the problem?
17. I did not receive my water/sewer/garbage bill this month, but received a late notice. Do I still have to pay the penalty?
18. I can't afford to pay my bill. Can I get an extension?
19. My usage seems higher than normal. Could I have a leak?
20. I want to fill my pool for the summer, but do not want to be charged for sewer fees that are levied based on water usage. What can I do?