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1. When are taxes due?
2. I received a tax bill from Montgomery County and the Town of Christiansburg. Do I pay both?
3. The information on my tax statement is incorrect. What do I do?
4. I no longer live in the Town of Christiansburg, why am I getting a tax bill?
5. Will there be a late fee if my taxes aren't paid by December 5th?
6. What is the "Motor Vehicle Licensing Fee" charged on my tax statement?
7. I just moved to the Town of Christiansburg. What do I need to do for tax purposes?
8. We have our real estate tax escrowed through our mortgage company. Why are we being billed?
9. How much will my utility bill be?
10. How do I sign up for water/sewer/garbage service?
11. Can I pay my utility bill or taxes online?
12. What are your hours of operation?
13. My garbage was not picked up today. Why not?
14. Does the Town provide recycling services?
15. What happens if the due date for the utility bill is on a weekend or holiday?
16. I do not have any water. What could be the problem?
17. I did not receive my water/sewer/garbage bill this month, but received a late notice. Do I still have to pay the penalty?
18. I can't afford to pay my bill. Can I get an extension?
19. My usage seems higher than normal. Could I have a leak?
20. I want to fill my pool for the summer, but do not want to be charged for sewer fees that are levied based on water usage. What can I do?