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Arrowhead Sewershed Study
Arrowhead Sewershed.jpg
This map shows where the study will be conducted.
The Arrowhead Sewershed includes the drainage area along South Franklin Street on the southern side of Interstate 81. This area was identified in a previous study as a major source of Inflow and Infiltration (I & I). Inflow is stormwater that enters sanitary sewer systems directly. Infiltration is groundwater that enters a sanitary sewer system through holes or leaks in sewer pipes.

Initial flow monitoring and model development indicates that the Arrowhead Sewershed has the highest normalized I & I of the entire sewer system. Additionally, this sewershed has the most potential for future growth so it is very important to fully understand the sources of I & I and the cost to reduce these peak wet weather flows. 

The Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study (SSES) and I & I Study will include flow monitoring, sewer manhole inspections, sewer line CCTV, wet weather observations and smoke testing.  The combination of these activities will help to determine the sources of I & I and identify corrective action the Town can perform to reduce these impacts.