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20/20 Vision
Town Council Vision 2020 sets forth long-term goals for Christiansburg.

These long-term goals were decided upon by Town Council and are listed below. 

In 2020, Christiansburg will be known as: 

Everyone's Hometown
Christiansburg's gateways communicate a sense of welcome to a beautiful and serene community that anyone would be proud to call home. Christiansburg retains its unique hometown charm while highly regarded as a progressive community. Our revitalized downtown welcomes you with brick-lined sidewalks, attractive lighting and flowers springing forth from planters and hanging baskets. 

Residents of this historic town enjoy shopping in an area that attractively blends modern architecture with period storefronts. A majestic new courthouse conveys our role as the County seat while our modern Town Hall complements other Town structures. Nestled amidst towering church spires and mountain vistas, we offer a vast array of housing choices; whether you desire maintenance-free living in apartments or townhomes, the tranquility of homes wrapped around the natural splendor of forested areas, or the well-maintained convenience afforded by our multitude of subdivisions...each offering a variety of historic and contemporary styles to choose from. No matter where you live, the values of small town living are preserved by friendly residents living in harmony with their natural surroundings with the beauty of Appalachian foothills framed in the background. 

A Retail, Commerce and Tourist Destination
Christiansburg is the retail hub of Southwest Virginia. The Town's business-friendly approach to commerce and tourism has allowed us to attract professional services, national retailers, restaurants and hotels while maintaining our antiques corridor and the support of our many locally owned businesses. Visitors to our local universities and community college along with interstate travelers find ample opportunities to shop, dine, relax and enjoy our numerous overnight accommodations. 

A Town of Well-Informed and Effectively Engaged Citizens
In the year 2020, Christiansburg is a town of well-informed, engaged citizens and government leaders. Using a variety of means, Christiansburg town leaders ensure that information is available on issues that affect citizens' daily lives. An informative Town webpage, electronic access to council meetings and an accessible public relations department make it easy for residents to experience open Town government. Volunteers serve in many civic roles to make the Town of Christiansburg better. There is an effective relationship among stakeholders in representative government. 

A Green Community
Christiansburg is recognized for its commitment to environmental consciousness and green practices. Citizens, businesses and our town government are cooperatively dedicated to reducing our community's carbon footprint. Evidence of our success in environmental stewardship includes an active community-wide recycling program, a clean government transportation fleet, effective storm water management, notably clean creeks and attention to environmentally sound building practices. 

The Town's water is identified as the best tasting water in Virginia. In addition to receiving awards for "go green" achievement, a concern for stewardship for future generations is ingrained in our government's work culture and decision-making. 

A Clean, Healthy, Safe Place to Live
Also in the year 2020, Christiansburg town government is a model for providing well planned and executed services at fair value. A longstanding emphasis on consistent infrastructure improvement ensures that Christiansburg provides quality water, sewer and solid waste services for its residents and supports continued growth. Our multi-accredited police department and award winning fire and rescue departments are furnished with state of the art equipment and supported by a regional E911 dispatch authority and are the envy of the region. 

A Recreational, Cultural and Entertainment Mecca
Christiansburg is a recognized pacesetter for recreation, entertainment and leisure activities in western Virginia. Our state-of-the-art aquatic center is used extensively by residents as well as for collegiate, high school and age group competitions. Our center draws Olympic class competitions and hosts Atlantic Coast Conference tournaments, bringing national acclaim to the Town of Christiansburg.

Our athletic fields are constantly enjoyed for multiple recreational and community purposes by citizens and visitors alike. Christiansburg is proud to be the youth baseball and softball capital of the region. Sporting opportunities are complemented by attractive neighborhood parks, open space and an active multi-purpose recreation and senior center. 

Numerous entertainment and cultural opportunities are available in Christiansburg through our events and popular downtown activities. Decades of investment enable Christiansburg families to pursue healthy, active, culturally enriched lifestyles and draw visitors who contribute to our local economy. 

A Model for Effective Land Use
As a result of a well-conceived and executed Comprehensive Plan, along with modern ordinances and policies, Christiansburg enjoys a vibrant mix of residential, commercial and recreational land uses. The Town's land use is organized in a cohesive fashion that enables many residents to work and play in close proximity to where they live. The Town is enriched by a spectrum of quality housing choices with a healthy balance of residents from varying cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Plentiful opportunities exist to conduct business or secure employment close to home within the Town due to ample, strategically dispersed commercial, office and industrial districts. 

A Sound Financial Entity
Christiansburg is a sound financial entity with AAA bond rating resulting from creative, responsible business practices. The Town is recognized for effective planning, budgeting and financing, including the use of governmental grants, low interest loans and public/private partnerships. Christiansburg is characterized by an affordable tax structure and reasonable service costs and fees. 

An Interconnected Community
Christiansburg is a town that actively seeks to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel. In addition to a safe and efficient vehicular traffic network, there are healthy, non-motorized choices for transportation throughout the town. Residents and visitors enjoy an interconnected system of walking trails, multi-use paths, sidewalks and mass transit. Our connected community allows citizens to interact with each other and to take advantage of the many amenities that Christiansburg offers.