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Miscellaneous Chart
What Projects Require Permits, Plats, or Building Plans?




Building Plan

Build retaining walls supporting more than two feet of unbalanced fill Yes Yes Yes
Build privacy wall or fence taller than six feet Zoning Permit Required; Building Permit Not Required Yes No
Construct outdoor barbecue or firepit Yes Yes No
Install outdoor gas barbecue Yes Yes Yes
Install swimming pool with surface area greater than 150 square feet, 5,000 gallons, and more than 24 inches deep Yes Yes Yes
Install solar heating system Yes No Yes
Erect free-standing radio or TV antenna Yes Yes No
Erect free-standing flagpole Yes Yes Yes
Erect free-standing signage Yes* Yes Yes
Erect attached sign Yes* Yes Yes
Demolition of any structure Yes* No No
*Asbestos inspection required, if present then removal must be documented
*Sign permit to be obtained through Town Planner's Office