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CodeRED Emergency Notification System
Be Notified in Case of an Emergency
Make sure you are notified of emergencies! The Town of Christiansburg is partnering with CodeRED® to offer citizens and businesses a comprehensive notification system that will directly deliver messages in the case of an emergency or critical situation. Subscribers can sign up to receive messages via telephone, text or email.

An opt-in feature also delivers severe weather notifications, including severe thunderstorm, tornado, flash flood and winter weather warnings.

Receiving Notifications
Users will always know when CodeRED® is calling with an emergency communication through Caller ID. Emergency calls will always appear as Emergency Comm (1-866-419-5000). General notifications will appear as ECN Community (1-855-969-4636).

Sign up any home or cell phone numbers, or additional business phone numbers that you’d like to receive a call during a critical event.

There is no cost to sign up for CodeRED®. The process takes just a few minutes and all we ask for is your name, address, and phone number(s). Sign up for CodeRED.

How ENS Works
In the event of an emergency, those signed up for ENS notifications will receive a call, text or email from a Town of Christiansburg official informing them of the situation and any recommended action citizens should take. If an emergency is ongoing or new developments occur, citizens may receive critical updates through additional communications.

For example, all phone numbers in the system will be notified if there is a town wide evacuation notice. If there is a water main break, however, only the affected homes will receive a phone call or text.

The main focus of CodeRED® is to keep the community informed about vital information and emergencies without burdening them with unnecessary phone calls or inconsequential events.

Additional Information
While it is actually good news if the town does not need to use the CodeRED® program, we believe it is an important tool to help communicate with our community should an emergency situation occur.

The CodeRED® system will never share your information with a third party. If you'd like to learn more about CodeRED®, visit their website. Or, sign up online.