John Lemley/Howery Full Depth Reclamation

The Town of Christiansburg will begin work in April on the reconstruction of John Lemley Lane and Howery Street. This project will utilize Full Depth Reclamation, which is a rehabilitation method that involves recycling the existing asphalt pavement and its underlying layers into a new base layer. This technique will greatly minimize the construction time and inconvenience for the neighborhood.

Construction is scheduled to begin the week of April 8 and continue through the end of the month. During construction, there will be lane closures with flaggers directing traffic; however, residents will have access to their homes.

With the Full Depth Reclamation method, motorists will be able to safely and slowly drive on the surface, although it will be rough and dusty. During the asphalt overlay process, roads will be closed until the surface has cured, which generally only takes a few hours. Crews will place “No Parking” signs with specified times on affected streets prior to construction. 

When is Full Depth Reclamation used?

Full depth reclamation has been recommended for pavements with deep rutting, load-associated cracks, thermal cracks, and pavements with maintenance patches such as spray, skin, pothole, and deep hot mix. It is particularly recommended for pavements having a base or subgrade problem.

Why is Full Depth Reclamation used?

  • Cost-effective
  • Increases structural capacity 
  • Increases durability (compared to granular base materials) 
  • Shortens construction schedule and improves staging 
  • Provides an early opening to traffic 
  • Reduces impacts on the community during construction
  • Reduces carbon footprint

How is FDR performed?

  1. A reclaiming machine is used to pulverize the existing asphalt pavement and base material.
  2. The asphalt is mixed with cement, water and other additives, resulting in a stronger road base.
  3. The new base is shaped and compacted to the surface. 
  4. Once the base is completed, new layers of asphalt concrete are applied to complete the road.

The following video from Slurry Pavers, Inc. provides an overview of the process: