The Town of Christiansburg is a Virginia Retirement System (VRS) participating employer. For more information regarding the specific retirement plans consult the resources below, and please refer to our Town Sponsored Benefits and Employee Handbook pages.

In addition to the basic Virginia Retirement System plans, the Town of Christiansburg also provides an optional 457 Investment Plan through ICMA-RC, which is available to all full-time employees. For Hybrid employees with the Town of Christiansburg, this Town 457 option is in addition to your VRS provided 457 Plan.

To open your optional 457 account with the Town of Christiansburg, go to Choose “participants” to the left of the screen. Click on “enroll in your plan.” Once the page loads, enter your social security number twice to confirm it, your date of birth and your plan number, which is 305287.

You can choose comprehensive enrollment, which will allow you to name your beneficiaries (no social security numbers needed) and set up your username and password. If you select quick enrollment, it will not allow you to input the additional information. From this point on follow the prompts. You will be asked to choose your investment selection(s). You can choose a default investment and make changes to your portfolio at any time. The default investment is a target date fund that would be chosen closest to your year of retirement. The closer it gets to that year, the fund will become more conservative.

While enrolling, you will be asked to give an amount you would like to contribute per paycheck. Even though it asks this, the employer will need you to complete a contribution form found below:

In accordance with the VRS Hybrid Plan, the Town of Christiansburg provides long-term and short-term disability to employees participating in the Hybrid Plan.