Christiansburg Strong Coast to Coast Challenge

Challenge will start June 1 and go through August 31

(Individuals are welcome to register at any time throughout the challenge)

All ages are welcome and it’s free to sign up  

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Participants will keep up with their own mileage and report their total at the end of each week. Mileage totals will be done on the honor system.

Only miles ran/walked will count. Elliptical and bike miles will not count. (Miles walked on the treadmill can be counted).

Mileage can be summitted here Opens in new window

Help us reach our goal of  walking a total of  2,955 miles (the distance from Virginia Beach to San Francisco) before August 31. The more participants we have the easier it will be to reach our goal!

Throughout the Challenge, active participants will be eligible for prize drawings. 

                                                     Places to walk in Christiansburg