Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services Division of the Christiansburg Department of Building Inspections is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within the Town of Christiansburg. Through proactive inspections performed daily, we strive to seek out problems before they become complaints. With a team concept as our approach, we will work to educate the public of the benefits of code enforcement. By building community relationships, the Division aims to help beautify the Town through keeping properties up to code.


The mission of the Neighborhood Services Division is to protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents and to increase overall quality of life in the Town of Christiansburg by enhancing the appearance of neighborhoods and business districts to prevent blight, protect property values and grow economic conditions. It is our goal to obtain voluntarily compliance, whenever possible, by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program.


  • To make the Town of Christiansburg a clean and safe place to live, through a cooperative effort between the community and the Town.
  • To provide courteous, prompt and professional service.
  • To gain voluntary compliance.
  • Encourage personal responsibility related to property maintenance.
  • Foster and promote relationships with community organizations. 

Neighborhood Services Coordinator

The Neighborhood Services Coordinator was established in March 2020. The purpose of this position is to enforce the nuisance, zoning and property maintenance codes within the Town of Christiansburg. Previously, the Town received complaints of code violations, and depending on the type of violation, the complaint was then distributed to either the Planning, Building or Police Departments to enforce.

The Neighborhood Services Coordinator has the primary responsibility of ensuring compliance with the Town’s various nuisance, zoning and property maintenance regulations. The position handles complaints on numerous municipal code violations ranging from unpermitted work, abandoned vehicles, illegal signs, tall grass, derelict buildings, tenant complaints and other violations of the Town’s nuisance and maintenance codes.

On a given day the Neighborhood Services Coordinator will function as a problem solver, mediator, facilitator, researcher, and educator as well as being a resource for the community. This position works with various departments such as Planning, Building, Fire, Police and other agencies, such as the health department, community services, and local nonprofit and community organizations. 

Meet Patrick "Packy" Saunders

June 29, 2020In March 2020, Patrick “Packy” Saunders filled the Department of Building Inspections new Neighborhood Services Coordinator position. Patrick is a lifetime Christiansburg resident. After growing up and attending school here, he also owned and operated his own service repair business in Christiansburg for over 20 years. 

Patrick is excited to take on his new role. His main goal is to be proactive with residents by educating them about Town ordinances before they receive a complaint against them. He then assists property owners with bringing their residences up to code. He says, “I aim to build relationships with our residents, and in the process, enhance Christiansburg’s sense of community.”

  1. Patrick Saunders

    Neighborhood Services Coordinator
    Phone: 540-382-6128, 1181