Town Code

Town Code is continually changing. The Town of Christiansburg hosts its Town Code on Municode, but it can take time for recent ordinance changes to be updated there. 

To view recent ordinances Town Council has passed, please visit the links below. To view Town Code in its entirety, visit Municode, but please be aware the recent ordinances listed below may not be reflected on Municode yet.

Recent Ordinances

Homestay Ordinance

On Jan. 22, 2019, Christiansburg Town Council passed a homestay ordinance in response to the growing popularity of home-based lodging options. The ordinance – which goes into effect July 1, 2019 – requires Christiansburg residents to obtain an annual permit with the Town to be a homestay host and to register with the finance department to collect and remit the applicable fees and taxes.

The homestay dwelling – which cannot include any accessory structures (i.e. detached garages, converted sheds, etc.) – must be the primary residence of the host, which means the host must live in the dwelling for more than half of the calendar year. There are no limitations on the number of days the host can rent out the dwelling. A safety inspection of the dwelling will be performed by the building and fire departments prior to issuance of a permit for homestay use.

Christiansburg Town Council has not yet voted on what taxes and fees will be collected from homestay hosts or how frequently. A public hearing is scheduled on the proposed changes to Chapter 18, Finance and Taxation, in regards to homestay uses, on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019, and Christiansburg Town Council will vote on how that ordinance will be amended at a future date during a regularly scheduled Town Council meeting. Once the Finance and Taxation ordinance has been amended, the Town of Christiansburg will attempt to contact homestay hosts to provide information on all of the ordinance changes.

The full homestay ordinance, which lists additional information and regulations, can be found here. For more information on the homestay ordinance or the proposed amendments to the Finance and Taxation ordinance, please contact Andrew Warren, Assistant Town Manager, at 540-382-6128, ext. 1130.

Town Code

Please note that some chapters are labeled Reserved. These chapters are reserved for potential future Town use. 

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