Community Programs

Pre-School Programs

Check out the many exciting programs we offer for children ages 6 months to 5 years. Children will learn rhythms, balance, and coordination in our Diaper Gym program. Toddler Time is a 45 minute program during which your child will learn language development and basic concepts through play. Pee Wee Aerobics provides high energy release activities for your child. We also offer Preschool type classes for children ages 2 through 5. 

Youth Programs

Our youth programs are designed for children ages 4 to 12 and include a Lego League, Merit Badge Classes, Tumbling and Gymnastics and the American Red Cross Babysitting Class. 

Adult Programs

Our adult programs offer a wide variety of high and low impact aerobics, Core Balance and Strength, Zumba, P90 rec, Yoga and Pound . See how much fun you can have making new friends while creating a healthier, leaner you! Sign up for one of our classes today!

Special Interest Programs

We offer a variety of special interest programs. Delete unwanted behaviors in your dog with one of our dog obedience classes. We offer Puppy Obedience, Novice Dog Obedience, and Intermediate Obedience classes. These classes are held at 415 Cambria Street. 

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Then join us on one, or all, of our hikes or an Introductions to Paddle Board or Kayaking Class. Check us out, we have something for everyone! For more information, please call Pam Peyton at (540) 382-2349 ext. 2004.