Special Interest Programs

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Eligibility: Dogs 5 ½ months and older                                                                                                                                            Location: 415 Cambria St. C’burg (building to the left of VA Varsity Storage)                                                                  
Additional Information: Delete unwanted behaviors – basic dog obedience and instruction on how to train your dog. All Dogs must be de-wormed. Class on the first night will meet at 7 p.m. for lecture. No dogs the first week, just the owners.
Minimum: 6      Maximum: 12

Reg. BeginsReg. EndsStarting DateDay of WeekTimeFeeWeeks
Jan. 27Mar. 16Mar. 18Wednesday6:30 - 7:20 p.m.$906
Jan. 27Mar. 16Mar. 18Wednesday7:30 - 8:20 p.m.$906
April 1May 11May 13Wednesday6:30 - 7:20 p.m.$906
April 1May 11May 13Wednesday7:30 - 8:20 p.m.$906


Eligibility: Dogs any age that have had an introduction to odor for Nose Work or Scent Work class                                       Location: 415 Cambria St. (building to the left of VA Varsity Storage)                                                                                           Additional Information: This class builds the skills of the dog and handler team for searching for the essential oils. We build the complexity of searches slowly. This class is designed for the handler to understand how their dog searches and we also build the skills for the dog. Requirement: Dogs will work individually. Dog must be quiet while a dog works.

Reg. BeginsReg. EndsStarting DateDay of WeekTimeFeeWeeks
April 1May 12May 14Thursday7:30 - 8:30 p.m.$1006


Eligibility: Puppies 10-17 weeks                                                                                                                                              
     Location: 415 Cambria St. (building to the left of VA Varsity Storage)
     Additional Information: This class is for puppies 10-17 weeks of age. The class is designed to get the puppy off to the right start. The puppy will learn how to interact with people by sitting to greet, how to bite nicely, etc. The puppy will play with other puppies providing socialization with other puppies. The class lessons cover how to teach sit, down, stand, walk osn leash and come. Owners will learn how to teach their puppy in a positive and proactive manner. They will learn how to deal with the typical puppy problems: chewing, barking, mouthing, jumping up, etc. Each week are discussion topics related to raising your puppy. The topics include housebreaking, nutrition grooming, and health care. This is a 6 week course. The puppy comes to all classes. All family or house members are encouraged to come to class.
Minimum: 6         Maximum: 12

Reg. BeginsReg. EndsStarting DateDay of WeekTimeFeeWeeks
Jan. 27Mar. 17Mar. 19Thursday6:15 - 7:15 p.m.$906
April 1May 12May 14Thursday6:15 - 7:15 p.m.$906


Eligibility: Dogs 16 weeks old and up
      Location: 415 Cambria St. (building to the left of VA Varsity Storage)
     Additional Information: If you are interested in finding out how the show dogs you see on TV learn to show, this is the class for you. This is a class for a dog and handler that teaches how to train a dog for the conformation ring. The handler will need to have a show lead for their dog. Those who do not have a show lead can borrow a lead from the instructor.
Minimum: 6          Maximum: 14

Reg. BeginsReg. EndsStarting DateDay of WeekTimeFeeWeeks
Jan. 13Mar. 19Mar. 23Monday7 - 7:50 p.m.$606


Eligibility: Dogs 6 months and older
      Location: 415 Cambria St. (building to the left of VA Varsity Storage)
     Additional Information: Pre-requisite: Dogs must have completed a novice dog obedience class. Improve the manners of your dog. Class will concentrate on walking with a leash, greeting people and other dogs nicely,, coming when called and sit/down stay.
Minimum: 6          Maximum: 12

Reg. BeginsReg. EndsStarting DateDay of WeekTimeFeeWeeks
Jan. 27Mar. 17Mar. 19Thursday7:30 - 8:20 p.m.$906


Additional Information: Join us for our monthly lunch outings to various restaurants in the area. Participants are responsible for paying for their own lunch and any additional expenses.
Minimum: 5           Maximum: 8

Dec. 4 - Mar. 518 & overThursday, Mar. 12Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10:30 a.m.$7/$14New Yorker-Roanoke
Dec. 4 - April 1418 & overWednesday, April 22Leave Rec. Ctr. at 10:15 a.m.$7/$14Papas-Pearisburg


Co-Sponsored By: Carilion, Christiansburg Recreation Dept. and Christiansburg Fire Dept.
Location: Christiansburg Fire Dept. Bay
Additional Information: Come by the Fire Dept. to make sure you have your car seat installed properly. Keep your kids safe!!

Thursday, Mar. 264 - 6 p.m.FREE
Thursday, April 304 - 6 p.m.FREE



Additional Information: Join us for some exercise in the beautiful outdoors! We will stop for lunch after the hike. Participants are responsible for paying for their lunch.    Minimum: 4          Maximum: 8       Eligibility: 18 & over           Difficulty of all hikes: Flat

Dec. 2 - April 2Wednesday, April 8Leave Rec. Center at 9 a.m. $7/$14Black Ridge Trail-Blue Ridge Parkway


Additional Information: Join us as we visit the new non-stop gaming facility in Vinton. Lunch will be on your own while we are at Rosie’s.           Pre-register.    Minimum: 6          Maximum: 16

Dec. 4 - Mar. 1921 & overThursday, Mar. 26Leave Rec. Ctr. at 9 a.m.$7/$14Vinton


Additional Information: While you are visiting the Recreation Center stop in the lobby and meet a representative from the library  and leave with your library card.  Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center Lobby

Friday, Mar. 209 - 11 a.m.FREE


Additional Information: Make healthy steps in your own life by joining the Wellness Book Club! The club is for adults and will meet at the library each month. Book discussions will be led by a library employee on topics of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness.  For more information on the monthly book selection, etc. contact the Recreation Department at 382-2349.  Participants must pre-register.   Minimum: 6             Maximum: 20                                                              Co-sponsored:  Montgomery Floyd Regional Library/Christiansburg Department of Parks and Recreation                      Location:  Library     Book: "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes

Dec. 2 - Jan. 2418 & overTuesday, Jan. 286:30 - 7:30 p.m.FREE, Must Pre-register


Additional Information: Check up on your health has never been easier! Join Carilion Clinic, in partnership with Christiansburg Recreation Center, as we offer a FREE blood pressure, blood sugar and Diabetes Risk Assessment.  Registration is not required, just show up! Results are available in minutes! For more information, please contact Ashley Hash, Community Health Educator at (540) 731-2027.

Monday, Mar. 169 - 11 a.m.Free


Additional Information: All vehicles carry a federally-assigned number known as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Making sure those numbers are marked permanently on a vehicle’s windows steers thieves away. The windows of stolen VIN etched vehicles must be stripped and replaced before a thief can get rid of the car, a costly and time - consuming process.  VIN etching is simple, fast, safe and won’t mar the look of the vehicle. Numbers are etched into the glass with a chemical solution and those numbers will be there for good.       Location: Christiansburg Fire Department

March 233 - 6 p.m.Free


Additional Information: Join us as we go to many consignment shops and thrift stores in search of that perfect outfit or unique treasure.  Lunch will be on your own at a local restaurant. Pre-register.    Minimum: 4   Maximum: 8

Dec. 2 - Mar. 1721 & overFriday, Mar. 20Leave Rec. Ctr at 9 a.m.$7/$14TBA


Additional Information: Do you have an Instant Pot or other brand of electronic pressure cooker and are nervous to use it?  Or are you thinking about getting one and want to learn more? This class will cover the basics of how to use the Instant Pot, as well as providing ideas of what it can be used for.  Several recipes will be demonstrated that you can taste test. Feel free to bring your own Instant Pot with you for hands-on instruction.   Minimum: 4    Maximum: 8

Dec. 2 - Mar. 1918 & overMonday, Mar. 236:30-8 p.m.$13/$23Rec. Ctr.-Kitchen


Additional Information: This New York Life seminar helps parents and grandparents prepare for the high cost of a college education.  Those who attend will leave with a greater appreciation for difference a college education can make in a child’s future as well as a host of information about grants, scholarships, student loans, and even some lesser-known ways to save for this life-changing event. During this educational event, we will discuss why a college education is worth every penny, how much a four-year degree costs today and what it may cost tomorrow, where to find “free” money for college, and easy, tax-advantaged ways to start saving now. Participants must pre-register.                                Minimum: 4           Maximum: 15                                      Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center Classroom 2

Dec. 2 - Mar. 1918 & overWednesday,Mar. 256 - 7:30 p.m.FREE


Additional Information: This class offered by Southwest Virginia Firearms Instruction is a classroom based firearms safety course designed to meet the requirements set forth in the SP-248 application for a Concealed Carry Permit. Upon completing the course, the attendee will receive a certificate of completion and can then go apply for a permit at the courthouse. This class has been approved by the Honorable Robert M. D. Turk, Presiding Judge, Chief Judge for the training requirement portion of the application. The instructor is both Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Certified General Instructor, as well as a Certified Firearms Instructor. The instructor is a current law enforcement officer.                       Must show valid EMS Identification upon registration to receive EMS discount.  Participants must pre-register.      Minimum: 10           Maximum: 40                                Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center Multipurpose Rm 2

Dec. 2 - Mar. 2618 & overSunday, Mar. 293 - 5 p.m.$35 EMS Personnel/$45 all others


Additional Information: Come out for some friendly completion and lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers, baked beans, chips, dessert and drinks.  Awards to 1st and 2nd place winners. Tournament will be double elimination.                         Pre-register  Minimum: 5       Maximum: 13

Dec. 4 - Apr. 218 & overThursday, Apr. 910 a.m.$7


Additional Information: Join us as we travel to the Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes, WV.  Enjoy playing the slot machines or table games.  Lunch will be on your own at the casino.  We will arrive approximately at 11 a.m. and will depart at 3 p.m. to head home. Pre-register.    Minimum: 6   Maximum: 16

Dec. 4 - Apr. 721 & overTuesday, April 14Leave Rec. Ctr at 8 a.m.$20/$30Cross Lanes, WV

SHRED -A -THON      

Additional Information: Help prevent identity theft and shred unwanted documents.  Protect your important information and clean out the clutter. For more information contact Tammy Caldwell, 540-382-2349 ext. 2003 or email: tcaldwell@christiansburg.org.  This is a drive thru event, no walk-ups will be allowed.  Papers to be shredded are preferred to be in plastic storage bin or box, no bigger than 22.5x18x11.5 limit 3 per car.  .  Please make sure you only have documents to be shredded.  Items that can’t be shredded include: Metal, including 3 ring binders, composition notebooks, hanging file folders, paint brushes, padlocks, hardback books, keys, eyeglasses, bungee cords, etc.                 Location: Christiansburg Recreation Center Parking Lot

Tuesday, April 213 - 6 p.m.Christiansburg Recreation Center Parking Lot


Additional Information: Join Abbie Richardson of New York Life at this informative seminar.  This seminar is designed to assist clients and prospects who are near retirement.  The content helps raise awareness of the different factors that may impact their retirement lifestyles, as well as provide some possible solutions to help them take action by addressing their retirement and legacy needs. Participants must pre-register.    Minimum: 4           Maximum: 15

Dec. 2 - Apr. 1618 & overWednesday, Apr. 226 - 7:30 p.m.FREE