How to Obtain a Residential Building Permit

Steps to Obtaining a Residential Building Permit

  • Step One: An approved business license is required before applying for permits.
  • Step Two: Submit two full sets of building plans that are stamped and have original signature, shrink swell soil report, plan review sheet, and subcontractor list (if required). Check out the Residential Plan Requirements (coming soon).
  • Step Three: Site plan, E&S plan, and blueprints must be approved.
  • Step Four: Fill out a permit application and required paper work; include a plot plan with required measurements of the structure from all sides of the property lines and adjacent structures.
  • Step Five: Applicant will be notified upon approval. Residential permits may take up to 30 days for approval by all required departments.
  • Step Six: Submit payment for permit fees. After receiving a copy of the permit it must be posted on the job site on a 2 x 2 piece of plywood with the street address in bold numbers.
  • Step Seven: Follow the guidelines for Required Residential Inspections (PDF).
  • Step Eight: Site work must be completed before final inspection.
  • Step Nine: The Certificate of Occupancy is issued or the finalized copy of the permit is sent to the applicant.

Additional Notes

Permits for water / sewer line replacement, and electrical upgrades can be paid for when application is made provided contractor and trade certifications and business licenses are up to date. Final inspection must be requested by calling 540-382-6120.