Employment Opportunities

The Town of Christiansburg uses an online employment application with enhanced features to better serve job applicants. All applicants will be required to create an account and fill out an online employment application when applying for a position. 

To apply to any of our current vacancies or to sign up to receive alerts about future openings, please visit our Career Portal.

Helpful Tips for Applicants

  • Save your application progress regularly. You will automatically be signed out after a 30 minute period of inactivity. To ensure that no information is lost, if you wish to finish the application at a later time, ensure that you save.
  • Compete all mandatory fields on the application. The system does not accept incomplete applications and will not forward them on for review.
  • When attaching documents to an application, click the "Select Document" button. Your file explorer will come up, allowing you to select the documents you wish to attach. Once you have what you wish to attach selected, confirm the selections in file explorer. Then you will see a list of your documents and the upload progress bars. When each bar is filled, click the green "Upload Documents" to finalize the upload. (These same steps also apply to the "Resume Upload" field).
  • Only Microsoft Word documents, Plain Text Files (.txt), and Adobe Acrobat PDF files (.pdf) should be attached to applications.
  • Do not use your web browser’s auto-fill function. This can cause fields that you do not intend to fill or have previously filled to have their contents modified.
  • We recommend that applicants use Google Chrome or Firefox.