Do I need a permit to build a fence?
No, fence permits are no longer required. Please note there are a number of items to consider when placing a fence on your property:

(1) Locate your property corners to ensure the fence is being placed within your property. If you are unsure about the location of property corners, many plats showing the boundaries of property can be located in the Clerk of Circuit Court's office, specifically the Records Room, in the Montgomery County Courthouse at 55 East Main St., Suite 1, Christiansburg, VA - (540) 382-5760.

(2) There are no setback requirements for fences but barbed wire and electric fences are not allowed within five feet of and parallel to any street right-of-way.

(3) A fence may be placed in a public utility or drainage easement on your property; however, it is your responsibility to move the fence if the easement needs to be accessed or to make sure that drainage is not impeded by the placement of the fence. The plat of your property should show any easements on the property if they exist.

(4) If you are placing a fence on a corner lot, a 20-foot site triangle needs to be met to ensure the safety of road users. The site triangle is an area formed by a straight line connecting two points, one in each street, on the adjacent street right-of-way line 20 feet distant from the intersection of the two street right-of-way lines which border the property. [Town Code Sec. 30-14(a)].

Please contact the Planning Department at (540) 382-6120 if you should have any further questions regarding fences.

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