Are there recycling drop sites in Town?

Mongtomery County offers ten sites that collect recycling, as well as garbage. All Town residents can visit the following locations:

  • Coal Bank Hollow: 200 Coal Bank Hollow Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • Ellett Valley: 910 Luster’s Gate Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • Elliston-Lafayette: 5231 Enterprise Dr., Elliston, VA 24087
  • McCoy: 5455 McCoy Rd., McCoy, VA 24111
  • Merrimac: 751 Merrimac Rd., Christiansburg, VA 24073
  • Plum Creek: 1515 Hornsby Dr., Christiansburg, VA 24073
  • Price’s Fork: 4680 Price’s Fork Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • Riner: 1612 Auburn School Dr., Riner, VA 24149
  • Rogers: 2750 Pilot Rd., Pilot, VA 24068
  • Wayside: 4985 Wayside Dr., Christiansburg, VA 24073

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9. Are there recycling drop sites in Town?

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32. How do I clean my carts?
33. Where may I place my cart in the event that there is a snow bank at the curb?
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35. When is spring and fall clean up?