What if I have more solid waste than will fit in my carts?

You can store non-perishable garbage and add it to your garbage the following week.

We encourage all organic (e.g., yard trimmings, etc.) and food waste to be composted or disposed of separately from your garbage. This will conserve valuable landfill space, reduce volume in your cart and further reduce odor.

If you are moving and have a significant volume of trash, you can either call a Town representative at 540-382-1151 to setup a special collection (fees apply) or transport it to the MRSWA landfill (located at 555 Authority Dr.).

The Town of Christiansburg also offers complimentary curbside brush collection to all residential properties within town limits. Collection will take place once a month beginning on the first Monday of the month. Residents must have brush piles placed out by 7 a.m. on the Monday of their collection week. In the event of high brush volume, residents can expect brush collection delays, but crews will continue collection until all routes are complete. Unlike Fall and Spring Cleanup, crews will not visit a residence more than once during the two week period. It’s imperative brush piles are placed out by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your collection week. For additional information about Brush Collection, visit here.

The Town also offers Fall and Spring Clean Up during April and October (approximate). During this time, residents of the Town desiring special trash pick-up must place these materials with their garbage on the regular pick-up day. Special trucks will pick up extra items not appropriate for normal weekly pick-up. While there is no charge for items picked up during spring clean up, there will be a charge assessed for items placed out after this period. For additional information regarding Fall and Spring Clean Up, please visit here.

If high garbage volume becomes a consistent issue, you may need to contact the Town at 540-382-9519 for additional garbage collection service (fee applies).

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