How do I become a member of the Christiansburg Recreation Center?

If you are a Town resident, you must provide two proofs of residency. One must be a valid driver's license (or DMV ID card); the second may be a voter registration card, real estate property tax receipt, current lease of property matching the address on DMV ID, or utility bill. We do not accept insurance information, cell phone bills, pay stubs, W-2 or any other information that is not from the DMV or paid on the property. 

If you are not a town resident, but own a business in Christiansburg, you must provide a real estate property tax ticket showing that you own the property the business is located at; or provide a valid business license, a lease showing the office space is inside town limits, and a utility bill (the address on all three documents must match). 

Persons who do not live, own property, or own a business within Christiansburg town limits, may purchase a membership. 

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1. How do I become a member of the Christiansburg Recreation Center?
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