What Building Codes do you use?

The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code 2015 Edition which is the 2015 ICC Family of Codes with Virginia amendments and the 2014 National Electric Code.

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1. What are the guidelines to build a deck?
2. What Building Codes do you use?
3. What is the ground snow load?
4. What is the wind speed for your area?
5. What is the Town of Christiansburg footer depth?
6. How deep must a water line be buried?
7. Can a homeowner take out a building permit?
8. Can I build my own deck?
9. What document do I need to drop off construction debris at the landfill, and where do I find it?
10. What is a plat, why do I have to submit one, and where do I get it?
11. My neighbor didn’t get a permit when they built their deck/put in a storage shed. Why do I have to?
12. How much is my permit going to cost?