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Residential Building / Zoning Permit Application

  1. Residential Building / Zoning Permit Application
    Town of Christiansburg Building Department 100 East Main Street Christiansburg, VA 24073 Phone : (540) 382-6120 / Fax : (540) 381-7238
  2. Applicant Type
  3. If the applicant is a company, please provide a contact name along with the company information here.
  4. Building Type :*
  5. Work Classification : *
  6. Code Edition: 2018
  7. Trade related work included?
    Does the cost of construction cover all trades.
  8. Heat Source :
  9. Please provide a brief description of work to be performed at the location of construction
  10. Please provide Complete Name, Mailing Address, and Phone Number of Agent, or Leave Blank if None Designated
  11. Planning and Zoning Information
    In the below space provided please provide the Minimum Setback Requirements for the Proposed Structure
  12. If a Site Plan was Required
  13. Related Files
    Using the space provided below please upload any related documents, such as a plat, plan set, soil test, etc. If more files are required they can be emailed directly to and/or Christiansburg Town Code requires that any licensed contractor have a valid Virginia Business License and Certificate of Insurance to operate or do work within Town limits. If the total cost of construction related to this project is Under $25,000.00 another Virginia locality license can be honored. If you have that please upload here, along with a Certificate of Insurance, that includes Liability and Workers Compensation coverage.
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