Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup FAQs 

2023 Fall Cleanup will run from Oct. 9-20.

Spring and Fall Cleanup is held during April and October.

Residents of the Town desiring special pick-up simply place items outside at any time during cleanup, and crews will be by in the next few weeks to pick them up. While there is no charge for items picked up during Spring and Fall Cleanup, there will be a charge assessed for items placed out after this period.

Cleanup Procedures

During Cleanup, the Town will pick up tree and brush trimmings, old furniture, a maximum of two appliances, and up to four tires per household. These are the only times that these items will be removed free of charge by the Town.

Items must be placed within 10 feet of the street pavement and must be placed in piles separate from normal trash. Please separate brush from other materials. Loose materials must be placed in containers not exceeding 32 gallons. Citizens are encouraged to call Public Works at 540-382-1151 for clarification before placing out questionable items.

Additional Cleanup Information

During Cleanup, all residents are strongly encouraged to move any items placed at or near the street that are not intended for pick-up (i.e. basketball goals, lawn and gardening equipment, etc.). It can be difficult for clean-up crews to determine which items are intended for pick-up and which are not, so please move all personal property back from the street during Cleanup. The Town will not be responsible any items left at or near the street that residents did not intend to have hauled away.

Pick Up Outside Clean Up Times

Outside of the fall and spring clean up times, Christiansburg residents seeking to dispose of tree and brush trimmings, old furniture, appliances, and tires can choose any of the following:

  • Call 540-382-1151 to schedule a pick up of your materials at a cost of $25 per truckload, plus an additional landfill tipping fee. This service is available year-round. These charges and fees will be billed separately from your water utility bill.
  • Haul the items directly to the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority, located at 555 Authority Dr. Tipping fees apply.
  • Hold the items until the clean-up time.