Youth Athletics

Our youth athletic programs include baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball, football, cheerleading along with a fall baseball/softball league. If you are interested in soccer, please contact the Christiansburg Soccer Club. For questions, or more information about the youth athletic programs, please contact Chuck Muncy at 540-382-2349 x2002.

For information on cancellations of youth games dial (540) 382-2349 option 4 or check our website. Cancellations are usually posted after 3 p.m.

If your game is not being played in Christiansburg, below are the numbers of the different localities to call about game cancellations:

Montgomery County - (540) 382-6975 option 2

Pulaski County - (540) 674-0107
                           (540) 980-7760

Radford - cancellations posted on Facebook page

In order to protect the health and safety of our community and help reduce the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), all Christiansburg Parks and Recreation community programs, fitness classes, senior programs and events will be canceled during this time.

Approximate Registration Dates
League Dates
Fee (Fee subject to change)
Basketball 1st week September – mid October
November – February
Spring Baseball/Softball 
1st week in January - 1st week of March
$50TR/$80NR (9 - 18 year baseball/softball) 
$45TR/$75 (t-ball & coaches pitch)
Fall Volleyball 1st week July– last week of August
Fall Baseball/Softball last week June – 2nd week in August
Football Mid June – last week of July
August - October
$55TR/$95NR Flag $35TR/$50NR
Cheerleading last week May – 3rd week in July
August -October
Summer Volleyball
End April - End May 
June - August $35TR/$45NR

Please check our brochure for specific deadline date
Late Registration for all Sports: $5 for the 1st week, $10 for the 2nd week