Utility Services

Water/Sewer Service

To sign up for water/sewer service, please bring the following to Town Hall, 100 East Main Street. You cannot email the form.

  • Application for Service (PDF) **Signatures on the Application for Service must be verified by Town staff. Please do not sign the Application for Service prior to visiting Town Hall.**
  • Valid picture ID or driver’s license. Expired forms of identification are not accepted.
  • Deposit of $50 or higher, subject to credit. Residential Customers Only. (Businesses should contact the Finance Department directly at 540-382-9519 for deposit amount).
  • Rental/lease agreement (for renters only)
  • If purchasing, please provide purchase agreement or closing documents.

If same day service is needed, please visit Town Hall before 3 p.m.

Water and Sewer Leak Adjustment Policy (PDF)

Trying to conserve water? Curious about how much you use a month? Check out the Town’s new online water usage monitoring tool! Sign up to monitor your consumption in almost real time by completing this form.

Solid Waste Collection 

The Town offers garbage collection once a week and recycling collection every other week for town residents.

Solid waste collection - which includes both garbage and recycling - is $22 per month, which is billed along with water and sewer services.

Please note that you must be a Town of Christiansburg utility customer to sign up for solid waste collection. Customers may sign up for solid waste collection in person or via phone or email. 

  • Visit: Town Hall, 100 East Main Street, Christiansburg, VA
  • Call: 540-382-9519
  • Email: Email the Town (please include your account name and requested pickup location in your email)

Find more information about solid waste collection, read more.

Please note that a $10 charge will be applied when a customer uses a credit card to make a payment over the phone. This charge does not apply to online or in-person credit card transactions.