Are there recycling drop sites in Town?

The Town of Christiansburg is closing its recycling drop-off sites.

The Town has been offering curbside recycling service to its residents since July 1, 2018, and introduced curbside recycling service to businesses on February 1, 2020. Because curbside service is now a reality, there is less need for recycling drop-off sites around town.

There has also recently been an increase in contamination and trash-dumping at the Town’s recycling drop-off sites, causing much of the recycling from those sites to be rejected. For those interested in still utilizing drop-off sites, Montgomery County offers locations that are staffed to reduce contamination and trash-dumping.

The schedule for closing the sites is as follows:

  • On February 1, 2020, the Cambria Site (Cambria St./Palmer St. Intersection) closed.
  • On March 1, 2020, the Betty Drive Site (Betty Dr./Depot St. Intersection) closed.
  • On April 1, 2020, the Food Lion Parking Lot Site (1530 Roanoke St.) closed.
  • On Aug. 19, 2020, the Home Depot Site (200 Conston Ave.) will close. 
  • On Sept. 18, 2020, the Christiansburg High School Site (100 Independence Blvd.) will close. 

Mongtomery County offers ten sites that collect recycling, as well as garbage. All Town residents can visit the following locations:

  • Coal Bank Hollow: 200 Coal Bank Hollow Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • Ellett Valley: 910 Luster’s Gate Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • Elliston-Lafayette: 5231 Enterprise Dr., Elliston, VA 24087
  • McCoy: 5455 McCoy Rd., McCoy, VA 24111
  • Merrimac: 751 Merrimac Rd., Christiansburg, VA 24073
  • Plum Creek: 1515 Hornsby Dr., Christiansburg, VA 24073
  • Price’s Fork: 4680 Price’s Fork Rd., Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • Riner: 1612 Auburn School Dr., Riner, VA 24149
  • Rogers: 2750 Pilot Rd., Pilot, VA 24068
  • Wayside: 3985 Wayside Dr., Christiansburg, VA 24073

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