Arbor Drive/Peppers Ferry Intersection Improvement

This project will involve the construction of a left-turn lane from Arbor Drive, curb and gutter, a sidewalk, accessible ramps, crosswalks, median modifications and a signal head addition. Preliminary design is underway, and construction is estimated to begin early 2022. This project is partially funded by VDOT.  arbordriveintersection


  • Total Length of Project – 950 feet
  • From – Peppers Ferry Road
  • To – 850 feet North of Peppers Ferry Road
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT) – 14,000 per day in 2018

Estimated Project Cost 

Total Estimated Cost: $1,478,186

  • Preliminary Engineering (PE): $313,839
  • Right of Way & Utilities (RW): $47,680
  • Construction (CN): $1,116,667

Total Funding Allocation: $1,478,186

  • Revenue Sharing Funds (50% Grant): $678,680
  • Local Revenue Sharing Funds Match (50% Match): $678,680
  • Additional Local Funds: $120,826

Anticipated Schedule

  • Right of Way Acquisition & Utility Relocations: February 2021
  • Begin Construction: January 2022

A link to the 60% plan submittal is available here.  The improvements shown thereon do not indicate that improvements to a property are imminent or that a decision on an improvement has been made.

Willingness to Hold a Public Hearing: No Responses

A willingness to hold a public hearing advertisement was placed requesting resident interest in the Town holding a public hearing for this project until May 4, 2020. No responses were received from the ad. Therefore, no public hearing will take place.