Santa's Coming to Town

2021 Details

Coming soon!


Santa's sleigh is in the shop, getting fixed up before his big night. In the meantime, he's borrowing one of Christiansburg Volunteer Fire Department's trucks to visit our town!

Santa will start cruising through Christiansburg and will drive until the route is complete. Just step outside your home to give him a wave as he drives by! He'll be periodically sounding his siren so you know when he's on his way.

Remember Santa is very busy, and though he'd love to travel down every road in town, he just can't make it fit into his schedule. He tried to incorporate as many areas of town as he could, taking into consideration his very large firetruck sleigh and making sure he could easily navigate down each street. He encourages families to find the nearest street to them that he will be riding down and walk over to it to wave hello to him. He'll be driving very slowly through these neighborhoods, so just keep an ear out for sirens to know when he'll be making his way through. Santa would like to remind everyone to watch their distance and wear a mask if needed when walking over to see him or if coming into contact with other groups.

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