Small Business Solutions

Beginning or Growing your Small Business

The Town of Christiansburg is committed to encouraging business growth and opportunity.  When our local businesses are strong and growing our community will grow and be strong too.   

Businesses require solutions that will lead the business to thrive.  We understand that trying to navigate all aspects of business start-up and operations can be daunting for owners and managers with limited resources.  Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur with great ideas, or an experienced business owner looking to expand, the Town of Christiansburg Small Business Solutions Manager can provide one-on-one assistance and counseling to help you succeed.  

Our Small Business Solutions Manager will provide guidance that can help bring ideas to fruition, investigate new possibilities, and solve any business challenges that arise along the way; offering comprehensive support for local small business owners to meet their unique needs.  

Our Small Business Solutions Manager assists in the following ways:

  • Identification of existing commercial real estate
    • Locate available sites that can optimize accessibility and meet advancement needs.
  • Navigation of local government processes
    • Helping you cut through the red tape to reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with government; this will allow you to focus on opening and growing your enterprise. 
  • Providing connections with the resource organizations
    • Access to different organizations, government entities, non-profits, and more that provide services directly to small businesses.
  • Accessing capital
    • Cash flow can make or break a business.  Linking entrepreneurs with funding opportunities from a variety of resources.

Contact Small Business Solutions Manager Amanda Hebert for more information. 

Amanda Hebert

Office:  540.382.6128 x:1131