Bear Cart Application & Requirements

Requirements for the Bear Cart Program

An application for a bear resistant cart must be filled out and signed by the Applicant with the following information and understanding of the requirements on the Town of Christiansburg web site.

  • Applicants name, address, email, phone number, and solid waste account number.
  • Applicant must live within the Town of Christiansburg.
  • Applicant must be a Town of Christiansburg, Solid Waste and Recycling Customer.
  • Applicant must provide Proof of (3) Qualifying reported incidents to the Solid Waste division of Christiansburg Public Works at 540-382-6014 (Sean Murphy). 
  • Applicant will only use the trash cart in accordance with applicable Town ordinances and regulations, and realize that it is bear-resistant, but not guaranteed to be bear proof.
  • Applicant must agree that any personal injury or damage to property due to the use of the trash cart is not the responsibility of the Town of Christiansburg.
  • Applicant must understand and agree that the bear-resistant cart is owned by the Town of Christiansburg and licensed for use by the Applicant at the address provided only. 
  • Applicant understands that the trash cart has been assigned to the address and must remain at that address in the event Applicant relocates to another residential address. 
  • The Town of Christiansburg does not provide any warranty, guarantee of replacement, or repair, of the bear-resistant trash carts. 
  • Upon discovery of damaged bear-resistant cart, Applicant must notify the Town of Christiansburg within 5 business day. 
  • If Applicant believes the bear-resistant cart assigned to their address has been stolen, Applicant must file a report with the Christiansburg Police Department.
  • All bear-resistant carts distributed to residents will remain the property of the Town of Christiansburg.

Application Process

The Town of Christiansburg bear-resistant solid waste cart application process is as follows:

  • Applicant must complete the required application and provide supporting information as required to the Town of Christiansburg Public Works department.
    • The Town of Christiansburg does not charge an application fee or any additional fees for residents who apply or are issued bear-resistant carts.
  • Town staff will review the application and determine if all requirements are met.
  • Town staff will check inventory to see if a bear-resistant cart is available.
    • The bear-resistant solid waste carts will be distributed on a first come first served basis. 
    • Additional purchases of bear-resistant solid waste carts by the Town will be subject to available funding.
  • Town staff will notify the applicant of approval status and schedule delivery of bear-resistant carts to the approved address.

Apply Here

To apply, Click Here or download and print this PDF and return to the Treasury Department at Christiansburg Town Hall.