EMS Frequently Asked Questions

How will EMS Revenue Recovery affect me?

You will only be affected if you require emergency transport (ambulance) service. Under this program, if you are transported to a hospital, you will receive a bill for transport services that will be treated similar to an insurance copay. The only difference is that you and/or your insurance will pay the fee after treatment.

Are there nearby localities that use revenue recovery?

More than 100 EMS providers across Virginia currently utilize similar EMS revenue recovery programs. Within our region, these providers include Floyd, Giles, and Roanoke counties, the cities of Roanoke and Salem, and REMSI and Carilion Clinic Patient Transportation, which serve Pulaski County and the city of Radford, respectively.

How much will ambulance transport cost?

The current Medicare rates and Town rates are as follows:

Medicare Rate
Town Rate
Advanced Life Support (ALS) 1 Emergency
Advanced Life Support (ALS) 2 Emergency
Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency

Does my insurance cover these costs?

Most insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover the majority, if not all, costs of emergency transport services.

What is "compassionate billing"?

Compassionate billing is intended to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for those without the means to pay. Under this type of billing program, if you have difficulty paying your transport bill, you'll be able to contact us to discuss your options.

If I call 911, will I receive a bill?

No. You will only be billed if you are transported to a hospital in an ambulance. In an emergency, call 911 without hesitation!

If I don't have insurance or can't pay my bill, will I be refused service?

No one will ever be refused emergency medical care based on their ability to pay. Our top priority is the patient's health.

If I have to be transported to the hospital, will I have to pay before treatment?

No. Your health is always top priority. Think of an EMS revenue recovery program as any other medical bill that is often covered predominately by your private insurance / Medicaid / Medicare. The only difference is that you and/or your insurance pay the fee after treatment.

Are you going to send me to collections if I can't pay?
The Town has no plans to send anyone to collections if they are unable to pay. EMS Revenue Recovery utilizes "compassionate billing" practices which are intended to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for those without the means to pay.

Will my insurance go up?

Revenue recovery programs have been in place across Virginia for well over a decade. There has been no evidence that insurance premiums rise because of the implementation of an EMS revenue recovery program.

Does the Rescue Squad still need my donations?

Yes! The Rescue Squad depends on donations to maintain their high standards of service.

Will the Rescue Squad still have volunteers?

Yes. Volunteers play a vital role in Christiansburg and that would not change with an EMS Revenue Recovery Program. However, due to rising area needs, the Town of Christiansburg anticipates needing to supplement volunteer efforts with career advanced life support responders.