Huckleberry Trail Extension

The Huckleberry Trail is an eight-mile, paved trail that connects Christiansburg to neighboring Blacksburg.

The Town of Christiansburg is continuing to expand the Huckleberry Trail toward downtown. The most recently completed phase, Phase II-D, extends the trail to the Food Lion Shopping Center on North Franklin Street. 

The next phase, Phase III, is scheduled to begin in early June 2019 and will extend the trail from the Food Lion Shopping Center to Christiansburg High School on Independence Boulevard. 

The yellow line on the map below is the phase that will begin in June, connecting with the completed Phase II-D. The white line is a portion of the trail that has not yet been funded. It will not be constructed at this time but may be added to this project construction.

Phase III

Phase III Project Schedule and Impacts

Work on Phase III, which begins in June 2019, may require traffic controls and flagging operations on Oak Tree and Tall Oak Boulevards and North Franklin Street, but the Town does not anticipate street closures. Work is expected to occur during daylight hours, Monday through Friday.

Work on this phase -- which will be completed by King General Contractors, Inc. -- is expected to last until the end of September 2019, depending on weather and contractor schedules. The contractor will make all efforts to minimize the impact of this project on nearby residents and businesses.

Phase III Project Funding

The construction cost for this phase of the trail is $672,716.80. The Town received Transportation Alternatives Funding from VDOT, which means the Town will contribute 20% of that total cost, with the remainder coming from state and federal funding. 


If you have questions about this project, please contact Wayne Nelson, Engineering Director for the Town of Christiansburg, at (540) 382-6120, ext. 1147 or via email at

Past Extensions

Previously, the trail ended in Christiansburg at the rear of the New River Valley Mall.

  • In 2010, the trail was extended from its ending point at the New River Valley Mall to the north side of Route 114.
  • In 2012, a section of the trail was completed from the Christiansburg Recreation Center to Forelmont Street.
  • The trail was then extended in 2014 from the south side of Route 114 to connect to the trail extension at Forelmont Street, which ends at the Christiansburg Recreation Center.
  • In July 2015, VDOT finished construction of a bridge over Route 114 as part of the Route 114 widening project.
  • Phase II-A extended the trail from Rte. 114 to Home Depot.
  • Phase II-B began at Home Depot and extended the trail to Cambria Street. 
  • Phase II-E ran along Cambria Street to connect to an existing portion of trail that led to the Christiansburg Recreation Center.

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