Business Licenses

Business License Rates / Fees

Business License Application - New$30
Contractors (B1) - Renewal (Per $100 of Gross Receipts)$0.13
Food Trucks $300
Retail Sales (B2) - Renewal (Per $100 of Gross Receipts)$0.175
Professional, Financial, and Real Estate (B3) - Renewal (Per $100 of Gross Receipts)$0.39
Repair, Business, and Personal Service (B4) - Renewal (Per $100 of Gross Receipts)$0.28
Wholesale Merchant / Based on Purchases (B5) - Renewal (Per $100 of Gross Receipts)$0.05
Beer and Wine / On and Off Premises$50
Beer and Wine / On Premises Only$37.50
Beer and Wine / Off Premises Only$37.50
Beer / On and Off Premises$50
Beer / On Premises$25
Beer / Off Premises$25
Mixed Alcohol Beverages (Seating Capacity 50-100)$200
Mixed Alcohol Beverages (Seating Capacity 101-150)$350
Mixed Alcohol Beverages (Seating Capacity 151+)$500