Town Sponsored Benefits

Employee Leave

For a more comprehensive overview of leave, please visit our Employee Handbook.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

The PTO plan is a comprehensive program that recognizes the many diverse needs of employees for time off from work, including vacation, personal time, illness or time off to care for dependents. Employees hired on or after January 1, 2014 and covered by the VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan, are enrolled in the Paid Time Off (PTO) Plan and time is accrued at the following rates:

  • 12 hours per month for 0 - 4 years of service
  • 14 hours per month for 5 - 9 years of service
  • 16 hours per month for 10 – 14 years of service
  • 18 hours per month for 15 – 19 years of service
  • 20 hours per month for 20 or more years of service

Annual Leave

The Annual Leave Policy is only applicable to employees covered under VRS Retirement Plan 1 or Plan 2 and accrues at the following rates:

  • 8 hours per month for 0 - 4 years of service
  • 10 hours per month for 5 - 9 years of service
  • 12 hours per month for 10 or more years of service

Sick Leave

Sick Leave accrual is only applicable to employees covered under VRS Retirement Plan 1 or Plan 2.

Full-time employees shall accrue sick leave at the rate of 10 hours per month with unlimited accrual. 


The Town of Christiansburg follows the state’s holiday schedule provided by the Virginia Department of Human Resources Management, except for Columbus Day. Columbus Day will be applied as a full day off on the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving. View our current Holiday Calendar here.

Flex Time

Exempt employees may receive flex time for hours worked over 40 per work week.

Compensatory Time

Non-Exempt, full-time employees accrue a maximum of 80 hours of compensatory time which is paid out upon separation.

Military Leave

The Town will grant a leave of absence to any employee who is enlisted in the Armed Forces Reserve, National Guard, Naval Militia, the Virginia State Defense Force or National Defense Executive Reserve while engaged in active duty, reserve duty, time away for a physical examination to determine fitness for duty, or periods of training that are approved by the Governor or the Governor’s designee. In compliance with Article 10, Section 44-93 of the Code of Virginia, an employee engaged in military duty shall be entitled to a leave of absence with full pay by the Town for a period not to exceed 15 working days per federal fiscal year without charging against Annual Leave or PTO hours, as applicable.

Bereavement Leave

The Town of Christiansburg provides a bereavement leave bank for all full time employees up to but not exceeding 40 hours per fiscal year.

Community Service

All full-time employees are granted up to eight hours or the equivalent of one full shift each fiscal year with pay for participation in Town approved community service activities that occur during their normal work week. Employees who volunteer with the Town of Christiansburg’s Rescue and Fire departments may receive 32 hours of community service time off, in addition to the eight hours already provided. The additional 32 hours of community service time off must be applied specifically to ongoing training in the Fire and/or Rescue Departments.

Tuition & Training Reimbursement

The Town of Christiansburg values employee training and education and therefore offers reimbursement for applicable and approved education, training, and tuition programs. For a more comprehensive overview of the program, please visit our Employee Handbook.

Service Award Program

The Town of Christiansburg appreciates long-service employees and to show appreciation for their faithful service each full-time employee is eligible for a one time three percent bonus at the completion of each five-year anniversary of continuous service.

Christiansburg Aquatic & Recreation Centers Memberships

Full-time employees and volunteers with Christiansburg Rescue and the Christiansburg Fire Department are eligible to receive free memberships to the Christiansburg Aquatic Center and Christiansburg Recreation Center. This membership will include facility use and two free classes at both the Christiansburg Recreation Center and the Christiansburg Aquatic Center.

Medical Insurance

The Town of Christiansburg provides a competitive healthcare package including the option for medical and dental coverage. The Town`s current medical plan includes Vision coverage at no extra cost through Anthem Blue View Vision. The current plan also includes online access to doctors 24/7 through Anthem`s LiveHealth Online program.

Life Insurance

The Town of Christiansburg provides group life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance for all full-time employees at no cost to the employee. The amount of life insurance is equal to one year’s salary rounded to the nearest $1,000 (limited to $75,000). The amount of the AD&D insurance is equal to one year`s salary rounded to the nearest $1000 (limited to $75,000). Additional life insurance is available at the employee’s expense through payroll deduction.

Optional Supplemental Insurance

A variety of supplemental insurance plans are available at the employee’s expense through payroll deduction including Off-the-Job Accident, Critical Illness, and Cancer coverage.

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program is provided for all Town employees (part-time, full-time, fire/ rescue volunteer) and those family members residing in the same household. This program offers four free professional counseling service visits per year per life occurrence and may be accessed through confidential self-referral.

To access your session benefit, please call (540) 981-8950, Option 2 or 1-800-992-1931. Carilion Employee Assistance Program consultants are positioned to meet with you in person, by phone or HIPPA compliant Telehealth Platform.


The Town of Christiansburg is a Virginia Retirement System (VRS) participating employer. For more information on our Retirement benefits consult the retirement tab under employee benefits.

Worker`s Compensation

The Town provides workers’ compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. The Town maintains a list of physicians who are authorized to treat Town employees who suffer compensable work-related injuries and illnesses.

Position Required Property

To ensure employees optimal productivity and safety the Town of Christiansburg covers the cost for several position required items including but not limited to: cell phones, keys, laptops, tools, tablets, office equipment, uniforms, and safety shoes.