Plan Review (TRC) Calendar

The Town of Christiansburg has revised the Technical Review Committee and the process for Development Plan Review.  Currently, the Town receives new and re-submittals on the first day of each month and the TRC Meeting is held on the third Wednesday of each month.  Starting on October 1, 2020, the Development Community will be able to submit their plans for review on any day of the month (rolling submittals).  The Town will review the initial submittal for sufficiency and the Development Community will be notified if the submittal is sufficient or not sufficient.  Once the plans are determined to be sufficient (sufficiency reviews are conducted weekly on received plans), then TOC Staff will have 28 days in which to review the initial submittal.  The Town has also expanded the number of TRC Meetings that will be held each year by holding the TRC Meeting every other Wednesday, starting on October 14, 2020. 

These changes have been implemented in an effort to provide more flexibility for the Development Community and to improve the quality and efficiency of the Town’s plan review process.  The calendar depicts the TRC Meeting days, the dates when plan review comments will be presented to the Development Community, and dates when the TRC Agenda will be published.


External TRC Calendar every 2 weeks 20 0925