Sleepy Hollow Drainage Improvements

Preliminary Study

The Town has procured the services of WSSI to study improvements to the drainage channel behind homes along Sleepy Hollow Road NW.  This work will provide a conceptual design for restoration/stabilization and BMP rehabilitation.

The stream channel flowing south between Sleepy Hollow Road NW and Wooden Shoe Court NW is actively eroding several of the adjacent properties and endangering utilities. The channel then flows into an existing BMP at the intersection of the two roads, of which, the efficacy of the basin is unknown. The flow then continues downstream under Cameo Court NW to join a larger tributary to Crab Creek.

The purpose of this work is to prepare a conceptual design to improve resilience of the stream channel and define and improve the functionality of the stormwater BMP as appropriate. The conceptual design will balance functional stabilization and aesthetics while maximizing sediment reductions which can be used to address local TMDL reduction requirements. The project is being evaluated to determine if a SLAF grant is appropriate.  

Next Steps

WSSI has completed their field study and has prepared a brief video and presentation regarding the current conditions of the channel. The next step would be to hold a public input meeting where homeowners can weigh in on potential alternatives and hear more about solutions to stop and prevent further erosion. The engineer and staff have identified potential short term actions which would help stabilize the channel. The video and presentation are available below. We also encourage you to fill out the contact form. Once a time and location has been selected, notices will be provided to homeowners along the study area.  

Site Area

Power Point Presentation from March 4, 2021PXL_20201119_145744503

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Handout—from April 23, 2021