Park Features

What amenities are included in the park?

The park will be constructed in two phases. Phase I includes four full-sized rectangular fields, two picnic pavilions, a splash pad, a small and large dog park, an inclusive playground, an adult fitness zone, a challenge course, nearly two miles of trails, and green space for passive recreation. Phase I construction began in May 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in November 2022. Phase II would provide the option for an amphitheater, additional parking, and volleyball and pickle ball courts. Phase II plans are deferred for longer-term potential future development, if Council votes to move forward.


The four, full-sized rectangular fields will be artificial turf and striped for football, soccer and lacrosse. The Town would also have the ability to stripe the fields for softball and youth baseball if needed. Because two of the fields are at a different elevation than the other two fields, there will be a natural divide allowing for different sports to be played at the same time. A concession stand and restrooms will be at this location, with a walking trail surrounding the perimeter of the fields.

Dog Park
Adult Course

The splash pad is an area with water spraying features that has little to no standing water. It provides an opportunity to safely incorporate water play without requiring lifeguards and will be a family-friendly way to enjoy water on a hot summer day.

  • The dog park has separate areas for small and large dogs, with the animals separated by weight. The dog park will incorporate lots of shade, drinking water fountains for both dogs and humans, benches, obstacles for play and a double-gated entrance for safe entry and exit of humans and their pets. It is constructed with an antimicrobial artificial turf designed specifically for dogs. The turf blades are soft on animals’ paws and feel similar to natural grass. From a maintenance standpoint, the artificial surface will significantly increase the lifespan of the park and will not require constant rotation of the surface or replanting. The artificial turf contains nylon fibers that are treated with antimicrobial agents to neutralize bacteria and germs. It will be easy for crews to clean with water, but pet owners will still be required to pick up pet waste, as they would in a natural grass dog park. Additionally, the turf will be bedded with sand, which keeps the turf at a cooler temperature than the rubber used on multi-purpose artificial turf fields. The artificial turf does not require mowing or have any harmful or irritating fertilizers or chemical agents. Lastly, the artificial turf will significantly reduce the existence of pests, such as ticks and fleas, since they cannot live in the synthetic grass blades and cannot nest without soil. Our hope is that your pup will get back into your car and return home mud- and pest-free! 

There are seven fundamental principles of an inclusive playground design: be fair, be included, be smart, be independent, be safe, be active and be comfortable. This playground will provide amenities for everyone and will include items specific for children with social, emotional, cognitive, physical, hearing or visual disabilities. The playground invites inclusive interaction for all children.

The challenge course and ADA accessible, adult fitness zone is an adult playground, providing fitness challenges and fun competitions for teenagers and adults to enjoy. The fitness course incorporates a workout through stationary items, and the challenge course includes competitive obstacles to enhance exercise.

Two pavilions are available for rent to the public: one at the splash pad and inclusive playground area, and the largest will be at the peak of the park. The hilltop pavilion accommodates 100 guests and overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains. This pavilion features restrooms and is available for larger events. Other small picnic pavilions will be placed around the park in the future.

Nearly 1.5 miles of paved trails will be incorporated into the park and will provide connectivity with the nearby Huckleberry Trail. The trails will provide different levels of difficulty – ranging from relatively flat to a steeper hill climb – to meet the many needs of our community. 

Passive recreation was important to incorporate in this park because it provides a calm environment for many different types of recreation, beyond organized sports. Green space allows for family and community connections, quiet walks, a space for an afternoon read or picnic and so much more.