Grease Traps

The Building Inspections and Engineering Departments conduct the initial inspection of grease trap installations per Virginia Plumbing Code 1003.3.1.

The Public Works Department offers a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) control program as part of an ongoing effort to reduce the accumulation of FOG in the Town’s sewer system. The program includes inspection and maintenance of a grease control device. Proper maintenance of your grease control device and reporting this maintenance to the Town are vital to the program, which carries significant fees and penalties for noncompliance.

In order to obtain the required FOG permit for your business, please fill out this form linked below and return the application and the $150 permit application fee to the Town of Christiansburg, 100 East Main Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073. For questions pertaining to this application, contact Jacquie Peyton at or 540-382-8221.

FOG Permit Application (Download Fillable PDF)

The FOG program is in compliance with Town Sewer Use Ordinance Section 36-187 and Town Sewer Use Ordinance Section 36-212.