Building Code Board of Appeals

The Christiansburg Building Code Board of Appeals meets as needed to consider appeals to building code decisions. Regular members serve four-year terms, and alternate members serve three-year terms.


  • Held as needed
  • Christiansburg Town Hall
    100 E. Main St. 
    Christiansburg, VA 24073


  • Rich Alvis, Electrician
  • Richard Caldwell, Builder
  • Chris Pfohl, Plumber
  • Bob Poff, Property Manager
  • J.D. Price, Design Professional
  • Larry Martin, Design Professional (Alternate)
  • Earl Shrader, Building Supply Sales Representative (Alternate)
  • John Travis, Real Estate & Builder (Alternate)


Building Official Jerry Heinline serves as staff liaison to the Building Code Board of Appeals and may be contacted for more information or questions about the board.