March 11, 2020 Update

March 11, 2020: Officials from local health, public safety, education and government agencies have proactively convened the Montgomery County Public Health Task Force in an effort to approach concerns related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) in our community collaboratively and comprehensively. 

At this time, there are no confirmed or presumed positive cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Montgomery County, the New River Valley or anywhere in southwestern Virginia; however, there are nine cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Members of the Montgomery County Public Health Task Force include the:

New River Valley Health District (Virginia Department of Health or VDH),

  • Town of Blacksburg,
  • Town of Christiansburg,
  • Montgomery County,
  • local law enforcement and first responder agencies,
  • New River Valley Community Services,
  • local medical officials and
  • educational institutions.

The purpose of the Montgomery County Public Health Task Force is to provide local residents and communities with accurate, up-to-date and effective information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and other infectious diseases. 

The Task Force will meet on an ongoing and regular basis and updates will be provided on 

As always, the center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Virginia Department of Health are the best sources for accurate information about the coronavirus.