March 30, 2020 Update

Gov. Ralph Northam issued a Temporary Stay At Home Order Due To Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)  


From the Community Foundation of the New River Valley:

Our COVID-19 Response Grant Program provides unrestricted funding to organizations as our region navigates the coronavirus pandemic. We recognize that many community organizations are seeing an increased demand for services, having to make significant changes to how they deliver programs, and simply struggling with how to sustain operations over the next months. In response, we are directing a significant portion of the grant funding available from our endowed funds in 2020 to this program, and we are working with our donors to grow the funds available.

We also recognize that our response needs to be flexible and fluid. We will make adjustments over time as more funding becomes available and as we learn more about the needs of our community and the many organizations serving our region. We will share any updates about the program on this page and via email.

Information for Applicants

What can the funds be used for?  Funds are unrestricted and may be used as your organization sees fit. The application will ask how you intend to use the funds only so we may better understand your organization’s unique needs. You will not be asked to submit a post-grant evaluation for this program.

How much is available?  You may apply for up to $2,000.

Who is eligible?  501(c)3 nonprofit organizations serving the New River Valley (Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski Counties, and the City of Radford) or units of local government such as schools or libraries may apply. Organizations physically based outside of the NRV may apply if they have programs in the NRV serving NRV residents.

How often will grants be awarded? We will award grants approximately once a month beginning in April through at least June. The total amount given each month will depend on available funding and applications received.

Learn more and apply here.